A Family Endeavor

For three generations, our family has put its heart, soul and steady hands into crafting the world’s best make-up mirrors. The Remcraft journey began in a small workshop in Cleveland and today occupies a large factory and warehouse in Miami. As you might imagine, much has changed over the past 75 years.

However, the elements that truly distinguish Remcraft haven’t changed one bit. The family pride that goes into crafting each and every fixture by hand. The simple style and lasting beauty of good midcentury design. The insistence on precision and the highest-quality materials and components that allow us to build products with flawless beauty, long life and unequalled quality .

Remcraft fixtures have never been just manufactured. They have always been crafted. They are toiled over and brought to life by expert artisans. They are the product of ages of hard work and innovation, gladly given, so that you will enjoy your fixture for years to come.

Remcraft represents the absolute highest standards of form and function. Let us show you why.